"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Great Article I Found

If you need encouragement in your homeschooling journey you may want to take a look at this article from Forbes magazine. I don't particularly like the title but I love the message. I will be saving this article on my computer and reading it again on the hard days! Hope it helps you, too.
:) Vicki


Still Plugging Away

WOW! Is it just me or did the holidays fly by!? They seem like such a long time ago! I guess that is what happens when schedules are just so full. I couldn't believe I had not updated you on the happenings of our wonderful group since November! I'm really sorry! Here's a quick recap. December was our "regular" events with a skate party and a Christmas movie the week before Christmas. (We always love the skate parties!) January was also the "regular" routine with the added bonus of a trip to the Children's Museum. We weren't able to be at the museum trip so I am excited to see the pictures and hear about all the fun the kids had.

I am looking forward to getting caught up on my visiting next week at our Valentine skate party. (Did I mention we LOVE skate parties!? :) As a bonus this year we've added in a contest for the kids. There will be prizes for the best decorated Valentine boxes. I hope to post pictures of the winning boxes next week so everyone can see what talented kids the Lord has blessed us with!

Speaking of talent, not only are the kids creative they are also very smart. How smart? So smart they've requested a spelling bee! How fun is that!? Even better is the fact that we've had a mom to volunteer to put one together! So, this April we will have our 1st annual Spelling Bee! I can't wait to see how great the kids do! Also in April we will have our standardized testing. Even though it's a lot of work getting it together, I look forward to testing simply because it is an end-of-the-year event. It's a motivator for me to know that SUMMER IS COMING!! It helps me to just keep plugging away with the end in sight.

As I plug away and try to stay motivated during these winter months, I have to keep reminding myself that even when I can't see the sun it is still there. The days may always seem to be gray and overcast with low hanging clouds but I can't focus on just what I see with my natural eye. The same is true spiritually. Even when everything seems cold and dark in the world the Son is still there. Jesus is constant. He is the light. He shines through all the darkness to be a lamp for our feet so we can clearly see the way to go. I hope that as you find yourself indoors with your children more than usual you will take the opportunity to just enjoy them. Hold them close as you teach them diligently. Show them how to walk in the "Son-light" of Jesus, no matter what the weather is like.

Love and blessings to you and your sweet babies!
:) Vicki